3 Days Tour | Things to Do In Dubai

3 Days Tour | Things to Do In Dubai

From a formerly desert scene, futuristic buildings populate the region, apparently touch the skies. You’re stepping into a new universe, a Victorian town where contemporary living collides previously. Welcome to the metropolis from the sands.


When you’ve spent some time, you’ll be familiarized with its rapid shift. It is a location that will give you unbound memories and charming moments to discuss. Do not believe me? We will also give you a good guide about what to see in Dubai too. Hopefully, we will discover the numerous charms this destination provides.


Day 1:


We are beginning at the middle and working our way. Why? But when the Burj Khalifa dominates the skyline because it will, it makes sense to begin there, it is a must-do in Dubai. You get a fantastic view, so out of you can program what to do during your stay. When you look down, then you are going to realize the sprawling Dubai Mall and adjacent to the dancing fountains (when celebrating at nighttime). It is quite something.


You can spend the Com day in the vicinity of the central place, and why not with stores (many), food outlets (lots ), an ice rink, oh, and also not forgetting the dancing fountains. Should you head up the Burj Khalifa through the day add at a hop-on-hop-off bus tour that will bring you back to all those dancing fountains at the day (have we mentioned before?) Now that you have obtained some orientation, do some screening and shopping. Tomorrow we get stuck inside!


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*Notice — If you are seeing Dubai from 26th December to 2nd February and you also love shopping, nicely the Dubai shopping festival is on. A perfect excuse to see.


Day Two:


Dig a bit deeper, and you will come across some of Dubai’s last is one of the souks of the old city. It is worth exploring the place, vibrant in colour, together with the odour of spices, the bling of golden! There is lots to select from. The Gold Souk, Meena Bazaar, along with the Spice markets, create for comparison to yesterday’s contemporary shopping experience.


Then it is into the shore to get some smoky fun. There are loads of boat tours to fit your tastes, higher rate, relaxed or trad using a Dhow cruise Dubai. You might even have a seaplane from a completely different perspective.


As you’re at the beach, go and have a dip, the seas are warm, and there is nothing like a quick dip into the sea to feel refreshed! Or am I alone in believing that?


Day Three:


Dubai contains lots of water parks if you would like to maintain the aquatic motif going. Or if you are planning to try something entirely different, then you could always head to neighbor Abu Dhabi. With areas like Ferrari World and The Louvre on offer it is tempting, do not you believe?


Are you prepared for the big end? Time to hit the desert, well really you are likely to celebration’ it! That is what you will do on the desert safari in Dubai; it is almost the ideal way to complete your time. Love the four ×4’s rebounding through the sands, see displays, eat a BBQ and revel in the setting sun. The ideal end, would not you say?



If you’re staying a bit longer, then let us give you some additional possibilities, just in case. The dolphinarium is a family treat, filled with…dolphin themed pleasure. Or if you’re a theme park enthusiast, then Warner Bros World at Abu Dhabi is well worth researching. Well get your heavens, and you are able to be gliding down the piste!

There is no hiding from the truth that Dubai is your go-to destination to get some fun and sun. As the town keeps growing and links into all corners of this world become simpler, Dubai is currently one of the globes important destinations.


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