A Tour of Dubai City

Dubai City Tour

A Tour of Dubai City

A Tour of Dubai City


As soon as I arrive, I get off the taxi that took me from the airport to the hotel, and I can’t believe my eyes, it seems to be in Manhattan. All those vast skyscrapers, the big roads, the fast-food restaurants, the subways, which is cool this city. It is precise as I had described it.

The first night I go to the Burj Khalifa, the tallest skyscraper in the world (154 plans to be exact). 

Entering the Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the world, the ticket to go up varies depending on the plans, I know I climbed to the 148th floor. It’s all “the most” in Dubai, among works that bear the names of the emirs who built them.

Another crazy mall is the Mall of Emirates, there are all kinds of shops, but above all, in the main square, there is an absurd but right ski slope, with chair lifts and establishments that provide equipment for skiing!

Once off the tower, I let the dance of the “fountains enchants myself,” I enjoy the show eating a sandwich from Shake Shack, and there I ran into the first contradiction that made me realize that despite everything, I was in an eastern country. 

I order a beer and pretend not to understand what I’m talking about; you don’t drink alcohol in Dubai.

Nothing to criticize at all, but often we have been thrown so much into a surreal life when we arrive in Dubai, that we almost forget the rest. Yes, because “surreal” is the term I exclaimed at every step in this fantastic city.

Old Dubai City Tour

But there is not the only luxury, beyond the skyscrapers and restaurants to scream, and the dream beaches there is so much more to tell. The first thing?

Their history, their culture, and how immense desert sand has built a city like many other international cities make it an enjoyable experience.

What impressed me most about Dubai? Respect for cultures, but in 2019 there is a particular air in the Arab Emirates that is experiencing the year of tolerance.

Among the various experiences I have made, I recommend the Atlantis Aquatic Area, swimming with dolphins was crazy.

The structure is located inside the Resort that rises on “The Palm,” an artificial palm built on the tongue that connects the city to the sea. Crazy!

Safari Desert Adventures

Very nice also the Safari in the Red Desert, we did the Extreme: a Jeep picks you up in the hotel, takes you to an open space where the quads are rented and then go straight to dinner in a village that is entirely in full of the desert.

On the way, our guide showed us the essence of riding, in the real sense of the word, the exceptionally high dunes, it was a lot of fun.

Once you arrive in the village, you are intoxicated by the smell of pancakes prepared for tourists by the locals and spend an evening with them eating typical products, including belly dance shows and camels.

But Easter in Dubai? For a Christian Catholic, it is certainly not a way to celebrate because it is not an event of the Muslim religion, besides Sunday for them is a working day (Friday rest day). However, we found a Catholic church where they broadcast Holy Mass.

However, for the rest, it was great to spend the day at sea with a 39-degree sun; let’s face it.

Despite the heat, I recommend the month of April for the climate: no sultriness, an excellent remedy to even have a way to get around the city quietly.

Jumeirah Beach

The best beach, according to my point of view, was the Jumeirah Beach, where the Burj al-Arab rises, crystal clear sea, and an expanse of beautiful white beach.

No pasta and casatielli in short, but on Easter evening, I was consoled with a dinner at Nus’ ret, the famous restaurant of the Turkish chef.

All the western atmosphere, disco music, drinks, and excellent meat, prices a little expensive but it was to be expected and then it was worth it.

But besides the skyscrapers and the locals, what’s in Dubai? The question they all ask themselves, that’s why I went to visit the historic center of the city: the “Old Dubai.”

You arrive by subway efficiently, and the recommended station is the “Ras Station,” which takes you directly to the Deira neighborhood, near the Dubai Creek. It is here that one meets the soul of Arabia, modest merchants, simple apartments, and even a little reduced, shops of fabrics, and typical souvenirs.

Old Treasures You Get to See During Dubai City Tour

In this district, there is the “Gold Souk,” which is the gold market: a street entirely dedicated to jewels, of all types, all sizes, all models. I especially recommend women to be enchanted by all this beauty, because as Marilyn Monroe said: “Diamonds are girl’s best friends.”

Once you exit the market, continue to the Al Fahidi district, you will find typical local shoe shops and textiles (beautiful) and stop at the Arabian Tea House, an all-Arab place that smells of incense right from the street.

Beauty, wonder, fascination, with these adjectives I would define Dubai, not expensive as they say and above all full of things to see, so not only “the vacation for the rich” as most people define.

Currency in Dubai

Their currency is the Dirham, and I recommend paying by credit card, only some taxis asked for cash. For travel, subways, and taxis, I only remember one thing: the metro compartments separate the man from the woman with a sticker.

 So please, always pay attention to the signs you find on the floor, to the effusions you exchange between couples and especially for women, respecting the culture of others, to walk around the streets quite covered!

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