Best Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Best Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Best Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Desert safari Dubai is the perfect way to understand the true charms that lie in the sandy hills of Arabian Desert. It gives you an insight into how the Arabs used to spend their lives when the oil-discovery was still a dream. From that day, it has been growing to reach the maximum heights in terms of engineering, architecture, and tourism.

As much as these sights are a delight to watch for the tourists, one of the things that are second to none is a tour through the depths of the desert. It lures people from around the world. Evening Desert Safari Dubai offers many fun things to do in the desert land

Even after all those years of development, the Arabian desert still holds great value for the Arabs. They have customized the adventures in their own way to make the tourist enjoy the sand dunes of the desert. If you’re traveling to this part of the world this year, then it’s about time you get to know all that you will enjoy here;

If you want to experience the true Bedouin culture, you’re going to need to opt for desert safari Dubai. It is a great way to learn about Emirati culture. Several activities that you get to enjoy here make the desert safari a great place to spend your vacations in.

You’ll get to witness the rich Arabic culture at its finest. The luxurious additions to the adventures of the desert are one of the optimum and remarkable examples of blending the modern-world features to the historic and one of the most valuable tours of the Arabian desert.

Are you looking for the best desert safari experience? Then let us tell you about some of the fun things that you are going to come across in your desert safari Dubai

Bedouin Life and Desert Adventures

Your desert safari tour is going to start from your area of residence, as the tour operators are going to pick you up and drive you to the particular destination. As you reach the destination, your tour can either start from the ravishing session of dune bashing or the magical view of sunrise. It depends upon the tour operators you opt for.

The safari licensed professionals are going to take you on an enthralling journey into the sands of the Arabian Desert where you can feel the chills running down your spine. As you head more into the depths of sand, you’ll feel your heartbeat racing faster with every sudden turn the driver takes.

After this hefty session of dune bashing, you’re going to arrive at the campsites where you are going to be served with traditional Arabic tea that is worldly famous by the name of ‘kawah.’ Enjoy the different types of dates and fruits that you’re going to be presented with. After you have energized yourself, it is time for you to go on a camel ride.

Arabs believe that camel ride is the noblest way of traversing the long miles of desert. It was the mode of transport for Arabs in the past, and that is why camel riding or otherwise known as camel trekking, holds such great values in the lives of Arabs.

Campsite Entertainment

Desert is not only about captivating adventures and quad-biking, but it is also comprised of family events that you can enjoy with your friends. The events that are held in the camps are belly dance performances where the performers put on a show on live Arabic music. Secondly, there are performers who entertain you with Tanura entertainment.

An open bar, fire show, and henna painting sessions are some of the entertainment show that you will find inside the camps. While you’re already fascinated with the idea of desert entertainment, here’s another good news. There is a fresh BBQ buffet that is prepared by five-star caters. You will be offered vegetable and non-vegetable food items according to your preference.

Morning desert safari Dubai is a full-fledged package that includes everything you could wish for in an ideal package for you to enjoy.

Thrilling Session of Dune Bashing

An exotic journey awaits you in the depths of the desert where you, along with a safari licensed driver, are going to smash the high dunes of the desert in a 4X4 SUV Toyota Land Cruiser. Some tour operators add a bit of spice by giving you an option of going on dune bashing in a hummer.

The vehicles that are used by the drivers for this journey are equipped with safety features, otherwise which they would fail the government approval. The drivers are well-experienced and are aware of what to do if a mishap has to happen.

Dune bashing is an exciting adventure that you are going to love from the start to the end. So, make sure you opt for the ideal time for your session of dune bashing.

Alluring Sunset

If you think that deserts are all about ravishing adventures and sandy dunes, then you’re mistaken because you are going to find a marvelous sunset alongside your partner in the high dunes of the desert.

Make sure you have your cameras all ready to take mesmerizing pictures of your friends and family where the sunset is going to make the perfect background layout.

If you’re lucky enough, you can catch the sun setting below the horizon as the light that was shining on the furthest corners of the desert, now starts dimming. The darkness prevails as the temperature of the desert starts cooling down.

Evening desert safari Dubai holds marvelous things for you to see. You can spend a peaceful time here with your family and make the most of your vacations by enjoying the in-camp entertainment here such as the henna painting sessions, belly dance performances, Tanura entertainment, and much more.

The belly dancers are the highlight of the night because of their will to keep up with the fast-paced live Arabic music. The falcon show is another amusement to look up to, which makes the desert a fun place to spend your time in.

Traveling Tips for Dubai

Dubai is one of the most liberal emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Everything you wish for in a city, you will find in Dubai. From marvelous architectures to mind-blowing engineering sights, Dubai has developed into a phenomenal city.

Not long ago, Dubai was just a desert land that was deprived of many luxuries that it now possesses. The discovery of oil turned the tides for the Arabs. They now hold a place among the top-visited cities in the world owing to the attractive landmarks in Dubai.

While traveling abroad, you always need to learn about a few things, such as the culture and customs of that country. A little information about that specific place will never be harmful. In case you’re planning to visit Dubai this year, there are some things that you will need to keep in mind;

Dress Modestly

Even though Dubai is the most liberal Emirate out of all the other Emirates but still it is a Muslim city. You need to respect the religious and moral values of a Muslim country. You should dress modestly and comfortably that lets you enjoy your Dubai trip freely.

It is going to show the people of Dubai that you respect their culture.

Desert Safari Tips

While you don’t need much to keep a check-on while touring around in Dubai, there is one place that should be visited with some tips in your mind; Dubai desert tour. Some of the things that you need to have in mind, especially while on your camel ride Dubai;

Keep Cash and Credit with you

Keeping a bit of cash with you on your desert tour as there are many snacks stops you might need to make while you are on your desert tour. There are plenty of small cafes where you can rest and grab yourself a fresh juice.

Wear Open Footwear

Deserts are full of sand. Imagine if you’re wearing closed footwear and the sand gets in your shoes, are you going to be comfortable? Definitely not. So, in order to make sure that you can walk around freely in the sandy land of the desert, we recommend you to wear open footwear.

It makes you feel easy as well as provides you a comfortable way to walk.

Older Side of Dubai

The historical sites are not something you would want to miss while you’re in Dubai. The cultural preservations in Dubai are a must-watch if you want to learn about the roots of true Arabic culture. The older part of Dubai includes; Dubai Creek, which is divided into Bur Dubai and Deira.

A trip into these two areas will refresh your soul. Old Dubai is not only about cultural preservations, but it also holds some fun rides such as the Abra Ride. In this ride, you’ll get to experience how the Arabs in old times used to travel across the waters.

Places like Bastakiya Quarter, Al-Fahidi Fort, where the museum lies and Gold Souks are the reasons why you should turn to Old Dubai in your Dubai tour.



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