Choosing Between Morning Desert Safari and Evening Desert Safari

Morning Desert Safari

Choosing Between Morning Desert Safari and Evening Desert Safari

Being among the greatest tourist destinations around the world, Dubai is keen on incorporating all tastes to satiate the preferences of enthusiastic travelers. The town has something for everybody if it is a vacation for sightseeing, romance, relaxation or adventure. It’s likewise sure that you’ll find the best of everything.


When it comes to experience, the city gets the very best experience parks as well as the buildings that offer exciting opportunities for your BASE jump — helicopter tour, hot air balloon, ski, Jet Ski, and what’s available. However, the hottest of all of these is that the Desert safari Dubai. It’s an exciting trip to the deserts, including adventures, entertainment, and sightseeing.


Desert safari Dubai Highlights

Desert safari ensures a day filled with pleasure. It’ll take you into the calm stretches of sand, and provide an array of opportunities for adventures, provide a peep to the Arabic customs, and amuse you in each way. Take a complete Look at the advantages of this excursion:


Dune bashing

This really is a mad ride across the dunes. As you jump on an SUV, a proficient driver will take you to get a roller coaster ride. Dune bashing is about scaling up and down a dune at a high rate. The tires of the vehicles have been deflated prior to the travel to give them maximum elastic motion on the dunes. It will last for approximately 30 minutes, with picture stops in between.



Thrill-seekers who crave to get a solo game on the sand may try sandboarding. Even beginners can attempt this at a desert safari as lavender is the safest location for adventures. Strap the sand board on your toes and glide across the dunes.


Camel Riding Dubai

A trip to the Dubai desert is incomplete without even visiting a camel. They had been the partners of the Bedouins (the nomadic Arabs) and also the critical way of transportation back afterward. Even though the swinging movement of camels may frighten you at the start, you will begin to love it.


Belly dance

Dubai is famous for its stomach dance. Desert safari Dubai gives you a rare chance to observe a belly dance. A pretty girl will dance mainly with her stylish moves. The operation demands excellent versatility. She’ll spice up the series with distinct, colorful props such as veils, wings, and canes.



That can be an Egyptian folk dance done by a guy. He’ll spin throughout the operation by wearing a multicolored skirt. The skirt, together with geometrical patterns and LED lighting, is an important part of Tanoura.


Desert safaris can be found at two unique times of a day morning and evening. Both are an exceptional experience, and you’ll be able to select one in accordance with your preferences and relaxation. Following is a comparison of both popular desert safari bundles, which can allow you to make a smart choice.


Morning desert safari Dubai

It’s the perfect way to open a day. A Morning Desert Safari Dubai begins at 9 AM when a driver will pick you out of where you are and visit the mysterious deserts. When you reach one of the reddish dunes, the adventures will begin to unveil.

Dune bashing is your very first and most exciting activity of this day. Following that, it is possible to attempt solo sports such as sandboarding, quad biking, and camel ride. This bundle does not contain food except for light refreshments such as cold beverages.


Morning desert safari is an easy no-frills journey that highlights more on adventurous pursuits. You have not the ability to observe that a Bedouin camp or even the amusement applications as in evening safari. It’s a distinctive trip that gives the utmost solitude. The length of the excursion is also less when compared to evening desert safari. Another most important aspect to think about is it will be disagreeable during summertime.


Morning desert safari Dubai package 

  • Pick-up & drop-off at anyplace in Dubai & Sharjah at a 4×4 Land Cruiser
  • Dune bashing about the reddish dunes
  • Falcon screen
  • Unlimited packed water and soft beverages



Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Frolic from the sand in the dusk. Evening Desert Safari Dubai is a pleasant voyage into the desert where you are going to get experience, entertainment, and meals. It will begin with dune bashing and provide ample time for solo sports such as sandboarding, camel ride, and quad biking. Evening desert safari lets you witness the unbelievable sunset in the desert. Capture some wonderful images as the sun disappears behind the dunes from the background.


Following the desert actions, you’ll be accepted to the Bedouin camps where greater pleasure awaits. It is possible to smoke a fruit-flavored shisha, make your hands painted with henna, and store a few souvenirs for your nearest and dearest. The entertainment applications, such as Tanoura, Belly dance, and flame series, provide stunning vistas for your eyes. And the best is saved to your past.


Evening desert safari Dubai package

  • Pick-up & drop-off at anyplace in Dubai & Sharjah at a 4×4 Land Cruiser
  • Pick-up timing: involving 3.30 PM and 4:00 PM
  • Dune bashing from the Lehbab desert on the reddish dunes
  • Photo-stops to catch the sunset
  • Campsite modeled following Bedouin Arabic customs
  • Falcon screen
  • Hubbly Bubbly Shisha in the Shisha corner
  • Fire series, Tanoura & Belly Dance
  • Buffet BBQ (Barbecue) supper with vegetarian and non-veg menus
  • Drop-off to a place at about 9 PM


Assessing the costs

At the morning desert safari, you receive an exclusive journey where there’ll be only your group in an auto. It usually means you cannot opt for a solo excursion where you can share the car with other people. On the contrary, a sharing ride can be found in the evening desert safari. The cost assortment of a morning desert safari is someplace between 500-700/automobile while the price tag is between 100-300/headset for evening desert safari.


Things to wear

Whilst opting to get a trip, the clothing which you wear includes a principal part in deciding your relaxation. Desert safari is an adventurous excursion, meaning that you will need to wear clothes that are simple. Do not wear whatever you make reluctant to try out thrilling actions or provide you distress.

T-shirts, shorts, and jeans are completely fine. Sand will enter everything when you attempt adventures such as sandboarding and quad biking. Thus, be careful not to wear your pricey attires since you might ruin them.


Which Desert safari to choose

In regards to picking between morning and evening desert safari, it entirely depends upon your interests and tastes. While morning safari reveals desert life, in summary, evening desert safari is an elongated version with flavors like adventures, entertainment, and meals.


Morning safari is brief and concentrates mostly on adventures while the latter is a mix of all in a desert. Within an evening safari, you need to explain the tour along with others unless you’ve chosen for a premium bundle. Both of these have their own different attributes, and the decision is up to you.



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