Dubai Adventure Tour with Adventure in Dubai Team

Buggy Riding Dubai

Dubai Adventure Tour with Adventure in Dubai Team

Adventure Tour Benefit

An adventure tour in Dubai involves active means of transportation associated with a stay in nature, namely in the desert. Having gone on such a tour, you can successfully combine active, extreme, and sporting types of tourism for yourself. Traveling through the desert is designed to give you great pleasure in learning new and unknown. This is a unique opportunity for tourists to turn into heroes-travelers for some time and take part in an unforgettable adventure in hard-to-reach and interesting places. Maybe in this way you can fulfill your cherished childhood dream…

This adventure tour has gained popularity among adrenaline seekers of different ages. Both young people and older people go to Dubai from year to year to go on this excursion, which leaves a lot of indelible impressions in the soul. Such a trip can never be compared with a banal visit to historical sites or sunbathing on the beach.

General Information

The tour lasts about four hours and begins early in the morning when tourists are taken to an equipped camp in the desert, which is located almost outside of Dubai. Next, you will be offered camel riding, buggy riding, and sand skiing. The safety of tourists takes an important place in the organization of the tour, so before each next adventure, you will find a small but high-quality and useful briefing. During the tour, time is assumed to rest, as well as to restore strength with the help of soft drinks (free of charge). Meals are not included in the price of this tour.

Camel Riding

Camel Riding


About their movements in the desert on horseback on camels, which are a symbol of Arabia, local poets have long composed verses and sang songs. No wonder the size of the Arabian verses is named after one or another camel gait.

Skating lasts, on average, up to half an hour. The role of your guides through the enchanting mystery of the dunes will be the real Bedouins. During the adventure, you can observe the amazing flora and fauna of this territory, and if you are lucky, you will see a sand fox, which today has become a rarity. By the way, in the future, it will be possible to take several lessons separately and get “the right to drive a camel.”

Buggy Riding

Buggy Riding Dubai

Buggy in appearance resembles both an ATV and maps, but this type of transport is more stable and safe for the driver. Due to the low landing and the steel frame, it is impossible to actually get out of the buggy while eating. This is a small but powerful car that can reach speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour. There is absolutely nothing complicated in managing the buggy; it is very stable and will not roll over even on sharp turns. However, for added safety, first, you will listen to a brief training course and receive a helmet and glasses individually.

It was precisely for its merits that this car was chosen for movement in the desert during an adventure tour. During a half-hour ride in a single or double buggy, you can compete among themselves, arranging almost real races.

Sand Skiing

Sand Skiing DubaiIf you are a lover of speed and original sports, you will get great pleasure from the “desert slalom.” Half-hour skiing on a special board (like a snowboard) or sand skiing from a huge dune (the most popular is the place called “Red Dunes” – Big Red) is simply breathtaking. The thrill and delight that you will experience during such an adventure will be remembered for a long time to come.

What to take on the road

In order to feel comfortable in the desert, you need to prepare for the trip in a certain way. Give your preference to tight-fitting closed shoes and body-covering clothing (with long sleeves and trousers). Do not forget dark glasses (it’s better if they are not plastic but with glasses) and a headdress that reliably shields from the scorching sun (an Arabic shawl or a wide-brimmed hat is ideal). Think that you are sure to get hungry during such an active holiday, grab a small snack, or order a lunch ration at your hotel. And be sure to take a camera, during the trip there will certainly be something to capture. Now the desert adventure tour will surely bring you joy!

Useful information for UAE guests

1. It is always necessary to carry documents/photocopies with you, as local police officers are very zealous in their service and are actively engaged in checking identity cards on the streets.

2. Do not drink tap water.

3. Be sure to stock up on good protective products from the scorching sun (creams, lotions) and drink plenty of fluids (mineral water, juices) in the heat.

4. Wear UV protection sunglasses and hats. This should be done even under a beach tent to minimize exposure to the harmful rays of the sun reflected from the sand. Remember, the most unsafe time spent on the street is a period of time from 11 to 14 hours.

5. During bathing, one should not forget about possible strong tides. Even the coastal current can be very unpredictable. It is advisable to swim in front of local instructors who are well aware of the behavior of the ocean.

6. The UAE does not rely on standing and walking. Also, do not look in the face of a person when he eats. Bread breaks with the help of hands. Take things, food, money is allowed only with the right hand. When you shake hands, do not look into the eyes of your vis-a-vis and do not hold the other hand behind your back or in your pocket.

7. It will be extremely impolite to refuse if you are offered to drink coffee or tea.

8. When visiting a mosque (as well as at home), shoes should be removed.

9. It is strictly punishable to be drunk in a public place. This can result in a large fine (at least) or an arrest and department from the UAE (at most).

10. Before you get in a taxi, agree with the driver in advance about how much the trip will cost you, because local meters do not have meters.

11. You may also be fined for littering on the street.

12. Excessive attention to women can cost you a considerable fine or even imprisonment.

13. For drug use, you can go to a local prison, and their import and sale in the UAE is punishable by death.

14. It is forbidden to photograph local women, government agencies, military facilities, sheikhs’ palaces.

15. Women’s clothing should be modest; knees, neck, hands should be covered. And on the city beaches, the female sex should not be worn (it is supposed to swim and sunbathe in special clothes).

16. During the period of Ramadan, the holy month for the Arabs, before sunset, Arabs do not eat, drink or smoke. Guests of the Emirates will also need to abstain from these activities until dark.


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