Dubai Evening Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

Overnight Desert Safari

Dubai Evening Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner

Dubai Evening Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner


A sight of the dark sky always leaves you full of pleasure, and even though it is the view that most of the people despise, you won’t be able to get enough of the one you find in the desert.

The atmosphere in the desert at night, the Arabian night filled with adventure, entertainment, and full of leisure activities that you are bound to enjoy. Overnight desert safari is one of the most popular excursions if you talk about the desert experience.

Before getting into details, let’s give you a general idea of everything that you are going to be offered while you spend one of the best nights of your life in the realms of the desert.

A Magical Experience

Here’s what an ordinary day looks like;

You will easily find packages already organized multi-activity with dinner and entertainment, which include 4WD jeep safaris in the desert dunes, stop in a Bedouin oasis where you can take a walk with camels, take photos in the dunes, sandboarding, dress in typical clothes and hold a hawk on the arm. Dinner is served with other tourists while admiring a belly dance show, all of these fascinations are included in the overnight desert safari deals Dubai.

You will end the evening by smoking the shisha and watching the sun disappear behind the dunes. The duration is about 6-7 hours, starting in the early afternoon and returning in the evening. You have highly recommended if you have never seen the desert and want to enjoy a bit of desert life.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai Tour

You can’t ever know how excited the journey in the desert is until you become a part of it. In an uncontaminated nature, the deeper you enter into the zone, the harder it becomes for you to not dwell in it.

When you realize you are in the middle of a desert with nothing but sand around you. Imagine the toughness of Bedouin, who used to live here in camps.

Those are the same camps that are provided for your stay at night. One of the best overnight desert safari Dubai experiences is lying beneath the dark sky and staring the night sky. It will leave you with goosebumps. This overnight desert safari Dubai is nothing short of a fairy tale because of the unique experiences that come with it.

Entertainment for the Night

The night in the tranquility of the desert is as splendid as it can get with the performances that are prepared for your entertainment. It includes a belly dancing experience where the display of Arabic traditional dance steals the show. You are compelled to applaud as the dancers pick up the pace with the fast Arabic music.

If you think belly dancing is the last part of your tour, you are mistaken because a big surprise awaits you in the next morning.

Epic Sunrise

As you wake up in the earliest part of the morning, you are taken to the highest dune of the desert, where you see the newly-born sunrays hitting the boundaries of the desert. It is the best thing about overnight desert safari UAE

Sun rising above the horizon is a breathtaking sight that only the lucky ones get to enjoy. Sit on the top of the dune and get photographed while the sunrise becomes a fantastic background for the picture. Take this back as a souvenir because memories are all you can take back to home from your next fantastic tour. 

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