Dubai Famous Buildings

Dubai Famous Buildings

Dubai Famous Buildings

Dubai is famous for its exotic skyline and marvelous architectures that have been luring tourists from around the world. It has exemplary engineering sites that are a treat to see. Dubai has been through a revolutionary period that has turned this desert place into one of the most visited cities in the world.

You’ll be amazed to see the difference between the two eras Dubai as a city has gone through. Arabs used to live in villages before, but after the discovery of oil, they started moving from community to more developed areas of Dubai.

Some of the most famous Dubai Buildings that you are going to see are;

Burj Khalifa

Standing tallest among some of the most mind-blowing architectures in Dubai is the Burj Khalifa. It is known as the largest building in the world owing to its height that goes up to 828 meters. Its astonishing height is the reason tourists from all around the globe travel to Dubai.

Apart from being one of the most significant buildings in the world, it holds some of the most excellent restaurants on its premises as well. The in-house restaurants here offer a wide range of international cuisines that are followed by lip-smacking desserts.

If you want to add a thrill to your Burj Khalifa tour Dubai, you can travel to the 124th observation deck where you can enjoy the amazing bird’s eye view. It gives you an insight into the marvelous view this city holds. There are sideways, gardens, and the worldly famous Dubai fountain that is similar to the well-known Bellagio located in Las Vegas.

Dubai Museum

Dubai museum is a must for visitors who want to learn about the cultural roots of the Arabs. A trip to Dubai museum lets you learn about the heritage preservations that have been a part of Arabs life for all those years.

This masterpiece is located on the Al-Fahidi Fort, which was built back in 1787 to protect Dubai Creek from outside interference. To this day, the walls that were built from coral-blocks stand strong. The ceiling is made from palm fronds and some plaster.

As you enter into the courtyard of the Dubai Museum, you’ll see different boats and a palm-leaf house with a wind tower. These wind towers were built by the Persian geniuses when they used to come here to deal with pearls. The archaeological site has artifacts that are almost 3,000 years old.

Dubai is a luxurious emirate of UAE. It is known for its lavish lifestyle and for also being a pompous city. It is ranked as one of the most visited cities in the world owing to the beautiful tourist attraction spots here. It has been an ever-growing city in terms of classy architecture, engineering, and much more.

Apart from the views you find in New Dubai; there are places that let you see the old side of Dubai. It is filled with historical sites and cultural preservations that make it an interesting place to tour in.

If you’re booking a trip to Dubai this coming year, here is a list of top Dubai attractions that will make the most of your trip;

Burj Khalifa

A man-made landmark that has everyone surprised. No matter how many times or for how long you view this marvelous building, you’re bound to be amazed by its huge size every single time. It stands at an astonishing height of 828 meters and is currently the tallest building in the world. Not only is this building superior in its height, but it also comprises of some of the most elite restaurants in the world.

The gloriousness of this building cannot be put into words as it offers you breathtaking sights that make you fall in love with Dubai. You can enjoy the city view from 555 meters above in the sky that makes it a treat to enjoy. There is a glass that lets you fool around with your friends. For instance, if you walk on the glass, small cracks start to appear as if it’s going to break right away.

Enjoy this majestic building while you’re on your Dubai city tour.

Dubai Mall

Welcome to the premier mall of Dubai, which has its entrance from Burj Khalifa. It is a center point for all kinds of indoor entertainment. It has a huge collection of all the top-of-the-line fashion brands and clothing lines. Alongside the clothing brands, it has a scenic aquarium that goes by the name of the Dubai Aquarium.

In the Dubai Mall, you are going to find plenty of gaming zones, cinema complex, ice-skating rink, and much more. There are endless things to do in this gigantic mall. Travelers often get lost in the vastness of this mall.

Dubai Museum

The highly-developed side of Dubai offers you many attraction spots, but so does the old side of Dubai. If you want to take a trip down the historical side of Dubai, then head straight to Al-Fahidi Fort, where you will get a glimpse of Dubai’s older side.

Al-Fahidi fort was built in 1787 with the purpose of defending Dubai Creek, but it later on turned into a museum sight where you find paintings of people fishing in the past and also old artifacts that are as old as 4000 years.

Dubai Frame

Want to stand between the old Dubai and New Dubai? Dubai Frame is the right place to be. It offers a magnificent place for you to view, which you can add to your Dubai sightseeing tour. Dubai Frame is a 150-meter-high picture frame that lets you see the old Emirate heritage, after which you travel up to the Sky Deck where you come across beautiful panoramas. The future Dubai gallery is something to vouch for.

Jumeirah Mosque

The most beautiful mosque that you’re going to see in Dubai is the Jumeirah mosque. It is a carbon copy of the Cario’s Al-Azhar mosque that is much larger than the Jumeirah mosque. The stone structure through which this mosque has been built is from medieval Fatimid tradition. The designing of this mosque has been done somewhat this way that there are a couple of minarets.

There are floodlights that lit up the mosque at night time. There are many tour operators that arrange trips to this mosque owing to the beautiful structure that it exhibits.

Al-Ain city tour from Dubai is another captivating tour to spend a peaceful time with your family. It will offer you views and fun things to do that make the most of your vacations.



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