Dubai Heritage tour along with Dubai Civilization

Dubai Heritage tour along with Dubai Civilization

Rewind back into the time once you first landed in Dubai. What exactly was it that you discovered first about the city? It isn’t from the normal to become awestruck by the newest advancements, which make Dubai the world city it’s now, but everybody should find the time to step back in the glitz and recall the city to get what it had been in the previous times.

Grandma may not be about to tell us a bedtime story about the way Dubai climbed upward and outwards from the Creek or that its original inhabitants were, but fortunately, we’ve got exactly the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCCU) to narrate the story of this emirate’s last for us.


The SMCCU is situated in one of the oldest areas of Dubai, which makes it ideally placed for historical tours. It is a hot day, but once I arrive in the Middle for your Dubai Heritage Tour, the sandy-hued walls of Bur Dubai’s Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood steal the focus from the beads of perspiration forming on my brow. Up to now, I venture out to shoot photographs of this low-lying, Arabian structure and forget I must report to the most important assembly point and wind up being the last one to join with the group. Oops.


“His Highness Sheikh M Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai and also Prime Minister of the UAE, and the Vice-President, watched the necessity to reach and instruct expatriates from the traditions and habits of the UAE, along with his eyesight saw SMCCU beginning in 1998,” Al Tamimi clarifies.

Our team of 25 individuals, who seem to be from all around the world, are extremely curious about the Emirati culture. The royal family could have become the hot topic of the hour. However, Al Tamimi is much keener to go over local style and design with our team. That is my man.

We invest another half-hour learning about the variants in the national apparel and the reason why somebody from Saudi Arabia wears a kandura using another curtain, even though a UAE national boasts an exceptional style. Women’s abayas are also mentioned, together with Dolce & Gabbana’s luxurious collection, obtaining a cite (and compliments) for creating a substantial fashion statement, one of the younger generation of Emiratis.


Following our lesson Emirati civilization, we venture outside for a walk around the historical area. Al Tamimi clarifies its roots: “Due to the location of the region, the Al Fahidi district has been a superb hub for traders and pearl divers. About 100 decades back, that the UAE had 80% of the Gulf’s pearls, which Creekside district has been bustling back in the afternoon.” We then sit Diwan Mosque and find out more about Islam and its roots, before going back to our own courtyard during the cobbled paths of Al Fahidi.


As we wait patiently for a dinner of traditional Emirati food to be served, it begins to dawn on me until today, I did not understand as much as I should about Dubai’s past.


It’s easy to become caught up at the brunches and Burj Khalifas of the city, and just as easy to overlook, the pulse of Dubai will probably always be at the narrow streets of this portion of town. The tour has given me a whole lot to consider, and consider it I’ll. But, there is a tasty plate of rice with my name on it. Shukran!




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