Dubai Shopping Festival – Purchase Between Skyscrapers and Deserts

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival – Purchase Between Skyscrapers and Deserts

Winter, time to buy. This could be the slogan of the Dubai Shopping Festival – or if you prefer more confidentially DSF – one of the most popular shopping festivals in the world, which transforms the emirate into the shopping capital and the promised land of shopaholics for a month. 

But that’s not all: because outside of the shopping centers this is also the time to go and discover Dubai thanks to a series of connected events and moments dedicated to food, fashion shows, shows by well-known artists and street games, fireworks. Fireworks, music concerts, and even a film festival. 

The Dubai Shopping Festival has been held every year since 1996 and takes you on a rollercoaster ride of wild purchases in the period, more or less, between Christmas and the end of January. It is the favorite moment of fashion victims all over the world and plays its cards, also proposing extravagant attractions such as lotteries that pay large sums and cars. But we are in the Emirates, and everything is known to be exaggerated.

The Dubai Shopping Festival involves practically all the big malls in the city. It offers the possibility of making purchases at individual prices of all kinds, from electronics to clothing for big names. But between one pass and the other of your credit card in the positions of the various shops in the shopping centers, a visit to the gold souk is also scheduled; maybe you don’t want to load yourself with necklaces and bracelets, but you will hardly find so much shiny gold elsewhere. Another fascinating souk for spending time and shopping is the spice souk. They cost less than gold, and you can stock up on flavors for home cooking. 

Dubai Shopping Festival

Dubai Shopping Festival

The Dubai Shopping Festival is an event able to upset even the most vigorous shopping enthusiast. That’s why some stops are necessary and can allow going and discovering some corner of this extraordinary city. So, after spending so much money during the various stops in the triumphant stores of Dubai Shopping Festival brands, do you want a free show? 

In Dubai, there is the right one for you: it is the ballet of the famous Dubai Mall fountains. Every day these huge fountains light up and dance to music time every night in front of the mall. The pool area is conveniently surrounded by bars and restaurants so that it is also possible to dine or have a drink while admiring the spectacle of the fountains surrounded by the hectic life that revolves around the shopping malls and the places that are alternated with the shops.

Dubai Shopping Festival: a thousand shops and a hundred records

After the water vaults in the fountains, raise your eyes more to the sky. So, you can’t miss it: with its 828 meters high, the Burj Khalifa (or Caliph’s Tower) is challenging to lose. Also, because it is the tallest tower in the world and, therefore, brazenly dominates the Dubai skyline. It is vast; there is no doubt. But to have a real perception of its size, it is better to look at it closely. Indeed, from inside. On a clear day, the view from the observatory at level 124 is incredible. 

Dubai Skyline

There is nothing better than that from the luxurious At The Top Sky Lounge on floor 148. And for those who want to treat themselves to a meal in the clouds, the At.mosphere room at level 122 is the right place to stop. But get ready to put your hands on your wallet: the only ticket to go to the top and look around costs 85 euros. But the records are paid: this is the tallest building in the world, the one with the most floors (well 163) and here there are the fastest elevators in the world. They travel 64 km per hour.

Do you want even more? Treat yourself to a fabulous night at the Burj Al Arab hotel, famous for having obtained seven stars and also for this become a myth. The Burj Al Arab is for Dubai what the Statue of Liberty is for the United States. This symbol of Dubai, designed to resemble a ship’s sail, is a true icon, and there are practically no visitors who don’t take the opportunity to take a selfie with the building as a backdrop.

Often this is the only chance you will have of getting closer because the hotel is super exclusive. It can be reached along a private road or if you prefer by helicopter. But what awaits you is unique. Think, for example, of the room at the top of the sail. 

Skyscrapers during Dubai city tour

Located on the upper floor of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the corresponding Skyview Bar offers an unparalleled view of the Palm Jumeirah and the islands of the World. The most pleasant experience is to go in the afternoon to enjoy tea with sandwiches, cakes, and pies served home-made jams. All beautiful, true, but it indeed cannot be called low cost: an afternoon tea costs about 150 euros. Each. 

Are you exhausted with skyscrapers and receipts for many zeros? Are you starting to want to change air after total immersion in the Dubai Shopping Festival? Then bet on the sea of ​​sand. Almost everywhere you can book a desert tour with a stop in a camp. The journey is made aboard 4 × 4 vehicles that jump into the dunes between extraordinary landscapes. It is also possible to organize stops for lunch on the sand and walk along part of the sandy expanse riding a camel. And Dubai, that of skyscrapers and malls, will seem to be very far away.

If you are interested in learning about the origins of this city, at least what it was before becoming a forest of ever-higher buildings, you can stop off on the banks of the Dubai Creek. Here lies Dubai from a century ago – that is the historic center of the city, where the first exchanges and trade with the rest of the world began. Before the oil changed everything, to understand what everyday life was like, visit the Heritage Village through Dubai Heritage Tour and the Al-Fahidi Museum. To get a hint of local flavor to enter the spice and gold souks and especially peek at the long line of shows, the traditional boats, where crowds of sailors relentlessly load the goods that will then be sorted throughout the Gulf.

Dubai Shopping Festival: skiing in the desert

Aren’t you tired of the Dubai Shopping Festival yet? Did you manage to bear the trouble of trying and bargaining in one of the 1000 shops in the world’s largest shopping mall? No fear. There is much more to do. Inside the Dubai Mall, there are many other attractions such as the Dubai Aquarium, children’s theme parks, and the Dubai Ice Rink for a beautiful ice skating. And for those who are not satisfied, move to the Mall of the Emirates where most of the fantasies come true. The most famous, and perhaps insane, is to ski. Here, a ski slope was created indoors complete with ski lifts and chair lifts. Outside there are 35 degrees, within minus 4. And it seems to be in the Alps.


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