Evening Desert Safari Personal Experience

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Evening Desert Safari Personal Experience

Traveling to Dubai is like taking a tour to one of the most top-notch cities in the world. 

It is filled with excitement and absolutely breath-taking architecture. Similarly, desert safari Dubai is a part of this city that never disappoints. It is filled with adventures that you are not going to find anywhere else. 

To help you understand everything that an evening desert safari Dubai holds, let us talk about the ravishing experiences that we had in the realms of the Arabian Desert; 

Arab Hospitality 

Arabs are famous for their luxurious hospitality, and this is exactly what you should expect when you travel to the Arabian Desert. As you head to the campsites, you’ll be served with traditional Arabic tea known as ‘Kawah’ along with fresh dates and fruits. 

This experience is quite overwhelming for the ones who visit Dubai for the first time. The campsite is the perfect place for you to get yourself back together, refresh yourself. 

This welcome by Arabs is exactly what you need after a full-fledged session of Dune bashing. 

Dune Bashing 

Coming to the adventurous session of the dune bashing. It is a thrilling experience that is a must if you are traveling to the sandy lands. 

Dune bashing is a journey in which the safari licensed professional takes you to the farthest corners of the world in a 4X4 SUV Land cruiser. You go into the core of the desert while smashing the sand dunes on your way. 

You’re going to love this bumpy ride as the driver is going to add the real kick to the tour by making sudden turns in high speed. 

Catch the Beautiful Sunset 

If you’re lucky, you’re going to come across the magnificent sunset on your tour in the desert. The magical view of the sun setting below the horizon as the last rays of its light leave the boundaries of Arabian Desert. 

Pull out your cameras as this is your moment to take some amazing photos or use this alluring view as a background in your picture. 

It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve come across a sunset because you’ll never be able to forget what you see here. 

BBQ Buffet

After you’ve seen all there is to see and enjoyed an amazing day in the Arabian Desert, sit back and relax while a lip-smacking BBQ buffet is going to be prepared. 

There are two food options that you will be served with, and that are vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian food items. You can choose the preferred cuisine according to your own preference. 

Camel Ride Experience

If you want a taste of true Arabic culture, then you’re definitely going to need a tour in the Arabian Desert. 

Desert Safari Dubai is the unique experience of getting an insight into how Arabs used to lead their lives before they were blessed with the oil-driven wealth. It lets you learn about the Bedouin culture. Desert Safari tour includes many adventures that make your vacations great. 

It is not only popular in Dubai, but the desert safari tour and the ravishing experiences that are associated with this tour are famous all over the world. Travelers from different countries travel to this part of the world in order to have this enthralling experience. 

One of the best activities that you can take part in during your desert safari tour is the Camel ride Dubai

Before the Arabs moved from villages, camels were their main mode of transportation. That is why Arabs still hold great value for the camel rides. As you return back to the campsite, you’ll be greeted by the camel owners where you can book your camel. 

Even if you’re a beginner or have no idea how to ride a camel, don’t worry. The desert safari guides are going to be with you everywhere step of the way, and they are going to help you in your quest to the farthest corners of the desert on the back of a camel. 

As you travel on the back of a camel, enjoying your bumpy ride, you will see the diverse wildlife in the sands of Arabian Desert. 

Apart from camel riding, you’re also going to have the opportunity of enjoying other thrilling adventures such as; 

Is Camel Riding Safe for Kids? 

Yes, camel riding is safe for kids of all ages. It is done in the supervision of professionals who are familiar with giving the travelers a chance to enjoy this bumpy ride. 

Camel ride is a traditional aspect of Arabs, who hold this idea of transportation close to their heart. 

All in all, an experience of desert safari Dubai is a marvelous journey that should be a part of everyone’s travel diaries. 

So take a trip down the Arabian Desert and make the most of your vacations as you will never have this kind of experience anywhere else again. 



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