Full-Day Dubai City and Dubai Heritage Tour with Friends

Full-Day Dubai City and Dubai Heritage Tour with Friends

Full-Day Dubai City and Dubai Heritage Tour with Friends


Dubai city is like a coin with two sides. Each of these sites is incomplete without the other and holds its kind of enchanting experiences.

The two sides of Dubai include; New Dubai and Old Dubai. Some find one more interesting than the other; it all depends upon their preferences and experiences.

Is New Dubai better than Old Dubai?

It would be unfair to compare these two because each one has their own set of particulars which make both of them equally unique and enthralling.

New Dubai exhibits the glimmering lights and mesmerizing heights, packed with luxuries.


Old Dubai is home to the cultural roots of Arabic traditions that are deeply embedded in this city.

A Walk into the Ancient Dubai

Dubai is looked upon as a city that changed its fate from being a deserted land to becoming one of the most visited cities in the world.

Before this boom in their development, Dubai was just a first city that was visited by the wealthy Persians in old times. Arabs were very welcoming towards these Persians, as they were a great way of boosting the city’s economy.

Taking a stroll through Old Dubai, otherwise known as Dubai Creek in Dubai Heritage Touris a fantasy of many. Dubai Creek comprises of Bur Dubai and Deira. 

It is a gateway into the tradition of Emirate that lets you learn more about the history of Arabs. To get an insight into how a city of fishers prospered on such an unbelievable level, visit Bur Dubai. 

Not long ago, this city was merely a pure land where fishing was the most influential contributor to its economy. After discovering oil wells, this city raised to an unbelievable level that we see today.

Due to this fact, there are plenty of places for you to see that take you back into the history of Dubai. Such sites include; Al-Fahidi Fort, where resides the pivotal point of the city’s history Dubai Museum. 

You will get to see cultural preservations and traditional artifacts that depict the true nature of Bedouin. 

It is an exciting place to visit for first-timers.

In Dubai, everything seems like a record-breaker. It is not as conservative as people assume it to be, which is why if you want to know the right side of Dubai, a visit to the city is a must.


If you are looking to see the authentic gold and spice souk, then a trip to Deira is the right choice to make.

As you enter into the historic district of Bur Dubai, you will be amazed to see the cultural preservation of Arabs.

To your surprise, 

Bastakiya Quarter was built for the wealthy Persians who used to deal with pearls. Explore the vast corners of which still stand firm to this day. Its location alongside the bank of Dubai Creek and an antique piece of engineering such as Barjeels make it a beautiful construction spot.

Another historical site that is a must-visit is the Dubai Museum. It is home to some of the most traditional artifacts that display the lives of old Arab correctly. At one corner of the museum, a chain of paintings exhibits the pictures of Bedouin and the fishermen of ancient times.

Immigrant Population

You’d be surprised to see such a low number of locals in Dubai. 

A massive influx of immigrants from countries such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Jordan, and Iran have spent most of their lives here.

It is highly likely that you won’t get to see much of the locals on your trip to Dubai. The only Emirati that you are going to be meeting are the ones you come face-to-face with, are the ones that stamp your passport during your landing.

You won’t be able to interact much with them. The locals have their own set of particulars, which makes them indulge in activities of their liking. This is why don’t step in this glorious city, thinking that you are going to be making Arab friends.

Take your time to let that sink in. 

Dubai – A Theatrical City

If you are planning to go for a Dubai city tour with your friends, then you are looking in the right place.

Dubai is a luxurious city with countless opportunities for you and your friends to have fun. You are going to be amazed by the entertainment hubs you are going to find in this city. Along with these marvellous things to do, feast your eyes upon the exotic Dubai skyline.

Dubai is an ordinary city, and people around the world are well-aware of this fact. It’s a luxurious holiday destination for many. It’s a place where the desert land meets the urbanized culture. It’s a modern-day miracle.

With popularity comes a bunch of speculations that can never be true in its entirety. Yes, some of them might be real, but most of them are made up.

A surprise for first-timers, 

For the people who have never been on Dubai city tour, they will see many of their misconceptions being cleared, such as the city is home to the majority of billionaires or that Arabs have cheetahs as pets instead of sweet cats. (Even as ridiculous as a traffic-jam full of supercars)

Think of it as a multi-cultural metropolis that is worth visiting. 

From some of the largest shopping malls to endless enjoyment in theme parks, Dubai is indeed an excellent cosmopolitan metropolis. It welcomes people from all parts of the world.

Places like Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, and many others make Full Day Dubai City Touran unforgettable trip with your loved ones.

Cruise over the waters in a Dhow Cruise Dubai Marinawhere it’s you and your loved one was absorbing the glittering heights of Dubai. You are bound to fall in love with the excellent entertainment and lip-smacking cuisine you are offered during your cruise.

One thing is for sure, 

The hospitality of Arabs is going to add weight to your already fun trip.

Diverse Cuisines – Culturally and Monetarily

People like you and me, who don’t belong to this city, have spent their lives making a living in Dubai. In search of a better standard of life, families have moved into this city, which only adds more colours to this beautiful city.

To your surprise, 

Only 11 percent of locals are seen in Dubai. That means people like you and me cover the rest of the numbers.

While they have settled in this city, they have introduced their cultural values and tradition to this metropolis as well – that includes food too.

We know that’s good news! 

From the streets of Deira, where you find cheap international food to restaurants run by famous chefs around the world like Nobu Matsuhisa, Gary Rhodes, and many other names. Cuisines from all around the world can be found in this marvellous city.

Dubai is an expensive place to be. 

As much as this myth is widespread, it is not entirely true. Just like in every other country worldwide, Dubai also has some places that are expensive and many places that serve delicious culinary items at very affordable rates.

It all depends upon the type of place you pick.

Good news: If you are looking for a budget-friendly trip to Dubai, a few tour operators that might prove to be helpful include; Platinum Heritage, Best Dubai Trip, and Arabian Adventure.


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