Half-Day Dubai Sightseeing Tour and Abu Dhabi City Tour

Half-Day Dubai Sightseeing Tour and Abu Dhabi City Tour

Half-Day Dubai Sightseeing Tour and Abu Dhabi City Tour

Dubai is a glamorous city with magnificent views. It is home to some of the most ravishing sights in the world. From engineering’s perspective, it is home to the artificial archipelago, Palm Jumeirah, not to miss the world’s largest building in the world that is Burj Khalifa.

Travelers from all around the globe are interested in seeing the man-made landmarks in Dubai that is the reason as to why it is one of the most visited cities in the world. If you happen to make your trip to Dubai, there is a long line of Dubai sightseeing tours that you can enjoy.

Here are some of the places you can visit in your half-day tour;

Burj Al Arab

Go to the mind-blowing Burj Al Arab and witness the majestic building up close. It has been counted as one of the most photographed sites in the world. Its amazing architecture and interior designing make it a wondrous sight for the viewers to enjoy.

Burj Al Arab also holds lavish restaurants inside this fascinating building that serve international cuisines. Make sure that you include it on your sightseeing tour because you won’t find something similar to this anywhere else in the world.

Dubai Mall

A premier mall to the city of wonders is the enormous Dubai Mall. It is the center point of entertainment as well as top-notch clothing brands and famous food outlets.

It is filled with a bunch of fun things to do, such as ice-skating; it also has a huge gaming zone where you can reminiscence your childhood days along with a cinema complex. Also, it always has a live music show that is always on the verge of happening in this mall.

It is a lively place to be if you’re on your Dubai city tour with your friends and family.

Dubai Museum

On your sightseeing tour, take a leap in the historical sights of the city, such as the Dubai Museum. Located in the Al-Fahidi Fort, it was built to defend Dubai Creek from outside interference. Later on, it was turned into a heritage site which is now amusing to the tourists that travel to this city.

There is a courtyard where you will find a number of boats alongside a house that has an Emirati wind-tower. This wind-tower was a gift by the Persian geniuses of that time. Apart from this fascinating preservation, you’ll find painting and displays in the halls of this mesmerizing Dubai Museum.


Dubai Creek is divided into two zones or in other words, two areas i.e., Bur Dubai and Deira. Even though you might find many historical sites in Bur Dubai such as the Bastakiya Quarters but walk around in the northern side of Dubai creek, you’re going to come across spice souks that will give you a true taste of Arabic spices.

Deira also comprises of an old school that goes by the name of Al-Ahmadiya School. To your surprise, it was built back in 1912 and is now an educational museum.

Full-Day Tour of Abu Dhabi from Dubai:

Abu Dhabi is the rich capital of the United Arab Emirates. It is an industrious city that has a beautiful waterside location. It is a business center of government in today’s modern world.

It is one of the emirates that are just a joy to tour in. From sightseeing opportunities to fun places to visit, it is filled with many tourist attractions that are worth visiting this city. If you’re going on the Abu Dhabi city tour with your friend or family, here are the top places you can visit;

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

This beautifully created mosque is one of the most scenic places you’ll see. It is made from Macedonian marble and is by far the best thing you’ll come across in your Abu Dhabi sightseeing tour.

It is a mixture of Ottoman and Mameluke design elements that blend up perfectly to create a modern-looking architecture. Graceful glasswork and mosaic tiling fill the interior of this mosque along with exquisite, intricate carvings.

To spend some time here is a joy you’ll forever cherish.

Ferrari World

Welcome to the home of speed. For all the speed lovers out there, it’s time to pull up your speedy suits and go on fast tracks.

Ferrari World gives you a free pass to the speed force with rides such as the Flying Aces roller coaster and Junior GT track for the kids to fill their hunger for speed. One of the most exotic rides in the Ferrari world is V12.

V12 is your direct access inside the engine of a Ferrari car. It is a tour inside the core of Ferrari’s engine which is much like a ride, to add kicks to it, there are drops that you can enjoy during your ride. Along with rides, there is an exquisite collection of Ferrari cars that belong to 1947.

Boat Tours

In order to enjoy the splendid sceneries of Abu Dhabi, such as their shimmering skyscrapers, you will have to take boat tours.

You’ll find different tour operators that are present there to facilitate you. As you drift out of the Marina, you’ll find the views of high-rises quite remarkable. The boat rides are okay for all the budget types. There are also opportunities for you to go snorkeling in the islands.

For the photographers out there, you’re going to get plenty of views to capture during your sunset cruises. So, make sure to take your loved one on one of the sunset cruises and watch them helplessly fall in love with the scenery.

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital

Take a tour in the working hospital for ill and injured falcons. These majestic creatures are the national bird of the United Arab Emirates.

In this hospital, you can get close to Falcons and see them in the wards. There is a museum in which you can learn about the history of falconry. Apart from the learning purposes, you can even feed and hold some of the falcons there.

All in all,

Abu Dhabi city tour is a magical experience that you should definitely include in your trip.




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