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In case you have made your mind up to visit Dubai, the enjoyable and eventful holiday is guaranteed to follow. Being one of the most adored and magnificent cities on earth, you’ve got lots of places to visit and an extraordinary civilization to flavor. Even though you’ve got a photo of this city from all of the things you have read and heard about it, the first-time vacationers may have any misconceptions or anxieties about Dubai. The city boasts of the record-breakers in the tallest tower into the most lavish hotels. It is now a favorite destination for people around the planet. Before visiting Dubai, keep these some things in mind.


  • Dubai isn’t just for the idle rich.

It’s believed that only millionaires can visit Dubai, which isn’t correct. You are able to take pleasure in the visit even when you’re on a budget. Since the Dubai government tries to become tourist-friendly, it always introduces several jobs to make the city more accessible to visitors from various nations. You are able to travel across the city on the bus or metro to get only 3 AED.


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Pick the restaurants attentively to match your budget. At this time, you’ll also obtain free sim cards in the time of arrival at the airport, so no roaming fees at all. December and January indicate the peak seasons from the city. The Dubai Shopping festival happens within this season, and the weather is also wonderful. Thus, you must book the flight tickets and resorts earlier as they’ll be dramatically high at that time.


  • Alcohol Isn’t illegal, but limited

When you’re in Dubai and need to get a beverage, obviously, you’ll be able to. It’s not a dry city. Nonetheless, there are a number of limitations on drinking. Drinking in public places is prohibited, and you want a permit to purchase and sell alcohol. Should you would like to have alcohol in the city, it’s far better to visit a restaurant that has a pub. You’ll also find clubs which are also within the restaurants.


  • The city is secured by each means.

Yes, it’s safe to visit Dubai. You are able to travel across the city with your loved ones or friends at any given time of day. As surveillance is powerful in Dubai, crimes against tourists are seldom reported. There’s not any need to think twice if you’re likely to Dubai along with your loved ones. You’ll have a nice stay with no worries. But, look out for petty crimes like pickpocketing.


  • Solo lady traveler, go-ahead

Girls are given priority within this Emirate. If you’re traveling in public transportation facilities like the metro or bus, you’ll have a taste for sitting. Fearlessly walk from the city through the night as nobody will dare to stare. With efficient authorities and rigorous principles, girls can visit Dubai even when she’s alone. So, no worries, pack your bags and put out an enjoyable excursion.


  • No Any strict dress code

It’s a part of great news that there’s not any strict dress code in Dubai. However, choose the small yet stylish clothing when you’re at public places like shopping malls or souks. This does not mean you need to cover up. It is possible to wear short-sleeved or sleeveless shirts. Knee-length shorts and dresses which are over the knee are also fine to wear.


But you need to stick by the rules when you’re going to places where there’s a dress code, especially mosques. There are mosques in Dubai which are available to non-Muslims, and girls need to pay their minds while entering mosques. Especially when you visit Abu Dhabi City Tour, you can visit an state of art Shiekh Zayed Mosque.



  • Paradise for foodies

Dubai has some of the classiest restaurants that would tempt the foodies. They provide various kinds of cuisine on the planet, such as Arabic, Asian, Continental, and Chinese. Relish your taste buds with a huge array of mouthwatering meals. The lavish resorts have exceptional dining experiences like eating in the submerged regions at Burj Al Arab or even in addition to the planet in Burj Khalifa.


The floating restaurants or conventional Dhows are also preferred destinations for yummy meals in Dubai. They supply sightseeing, fantastic meals, and entertainment.


  • Shopping is pricey

Even when Dubai is your ideal place to get a shopping spree, then it may cost an arm and a leg. A lot of men and women walk around the shopping malls and do not purchase items. Clothes, shoes, and purses are especially pricey here. However, Dubai is fantastic for shopping. All you need to do is search for the supplies online. There’ll be exciting deals in several stores.


When shopping is your primary aim, it’s much better to await summer surprises or Dubai shopping festival when you’re able to find products at economical prices. Another fantastic news is that gold is significantly more economical in Dubai because there aren’t any extra taxes except VAT. You can also do a Dubai Heritage Tour



  • The weekend is Saturday, Friday

In Dubai, Friday is your compulsory holiday in a week, although Saturday is also a holiday for a lot of men and women. If you’re heading out on at least one of these days, expect a bunch. Greater traffic and crowded metros are normal nowadays.


At precisely the exact same time, the timing of shopping malls, metros, and trams are prolonged on weekends. Thus, ramble around the city and respect the nightlife. In reality, the vivid and vibrant side of this city could be viewed in its finest on weekends. Special shows and offers are also accessible at the time.


  • Respect customs, especially in Ramadan 

In this time, you’re not supposed to consume at public places as a token of respect for Islamic traditions.


The resorts and all eateries at shopping malls and other places will be shut. But, everything will soon be residing in the day. Thus, choose to go outside in the evenings unless you’re prepared to starve.


  • Weather in Dubai

Weather in Dubai can be broken into two seasons- summer and winter. October to March is chilly, and April to September is sexy. Throughout winter, you ought to take a coat when you’re going outside as cool end may provide you chills when you’re outside. The city isn’t agreeable through summer as the temperature may rise up to 50. September and April are just two months when you’re able to anticipate the standard temperature.


The city will begin to cool down from the mid of September, although summertime will start at the end of April. Thus, think about this before going the travel.


A visit to Dubai is going to be amazing if you’ve got some thoughts regarding the Emirate. It’s a gorgeous, secure, and liberal city where you could observe your heart out.


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