Top 10 things to do in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Top 10 things to do in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

If folks think of the UAE, they’re fast to concentrate exclusively on Dubai. However, the capital, Abu Dhabi, is another door and contains a wealth of amazing actions, significant cultural distinctions, and remarkable architecture.

I have mapped the ten best things to do in Abu Dhabi, from purchasing to culture and researching the country’s customs.

top 10 things to do in Abu Dhabi

top 10 things to do in Abu Dhabi

I acknowledge, once I traveled into the UAE, I was excited about my time in Dubai. But when I moved to Abu Dhabi, I had been amazed by the rich history. In reality, I left feeling as though Abu Dhabi was a place I’d return to again. It is a must-see for anybody seeing the UAE or Gulf area.

Inspired by the Taj Mahal, this superb architectural masterpiece combines charm and openness to show a gorgeous mosque celebrating the Muslim faith.



There are 82 domes, 1, 1196 columns, every handcrafted with semi-precious inlaid stones with golden date palm trees on the very top. You will find just seven championships throughout made from Italian Murano glass and Swarovski crystals. It required 1200 artists to produce the carpeting. First started in 2007, the building took 11 decades, but the preparation process itself required 19 decades.


But do not, just like I did walk all of the ways up into the mosque. Instead, visit the entry to catch a ticket. This entry takes you underground, which will take you onto a string of walking lifts into the mosque.

sheikh zayed mosque

The entrance is completely free, and I strongly advise you to take a tour. Tours are offered every hour and make it possible for you access within the mosque, and also to some other limited places, you may not have to research if you did not have a tour. Additionally, you get a comprehension of the Muslim faith and culture.

No vacation to Abu Dhabi is complete without a halt to the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. Be certain that you leave sufficient time to research. I suggest going before sunset.

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I’d no idea there was a Louvre beyond Paris, but it could be discovered at Abu Dhabi! This museum exhibits art from across the world, grouped by date and themes established. One of my favorite bits was Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen’s Steele from 3,000 decades back, describing him as the rightful king. The construction is an art piece, surrounded by the ocean.

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Upon going into the exquisite reception of this Shangri-La Abu Dhabi, you are greeted with hot Arabian coffee and candy dates. The room was spacious, with detail of charm and conventional arches at the plan. On the other hand, the view from our room was a true threat.

I immediately put in my fluffy white blouse to enjoy the view and fresh fruit. We’re also given tasty traditional tea. We had a great view of this apricot-colored sand along with the beautiful Shangri-La Hotel.

The king-sized mattress was comfy, and the sitting room had a beautiful table topped with dates and some of the best baklava I have ever tasted.

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The shower and bath were large, and also the rain-water shower has been the ideal refresher after a very long day in sunlight. One night we ordered room service (highly suggest the lentil soup) and let a DVD in the concierge to get a comfortable night in.


It is essential to get counter-top space so I could do my makeup and prepare for the day. Shangri-La features lots of room and a well-lit mirror and blows dryer.


The hotel is rather big, so to find the best view, jump to a free boat trip! Yes, it is possible to take a ship throughout the hotel property on the canal. There is also a souk at the hotel at which you are able to go shopping, a Starbucks, and restaurants.


Walking outside to the infinity pool, so you are going to find lounge chairs and cabanas. Here, you also have the ideal view on the shore of the Grand Mosque.


There are also a lot of activities provided, such as fishing trips and excursions. There’s another pool on the home (it is heated!), a fitness center, and a spa.


Continental breakfast is served every day from 6 am till 10:30 am. Obviously, I had some. Together with the best view of this mosque, a lavish atmosphere, and effortless access to high sights, you cannot beat it.



I had been amazed to find a falcon hospital recorded as a leading draw in Abu Dhabi, but a lot of people recommended that people test it out. The hospital offers care solely for falcons and can also be used for education and consciousness.

Falcons have played an important part in the UAE since Bedouin seekers used the bird to help find food.

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Falcons are particularly interesting since they may be trained to bring their prey back alive. This is essential because of Muslim authorities, creatures have to be discharged human hands to be able to make sure the meat is “halal.” sh.


Falconry is a really popular game in Abu Dhabi and throughout the UAE. In reality, falcons are the only creatures in the UAE, which are permitted to travel inside airplanes. But in the first or business class! Visiting the hospital will provide you a much better view of these extraordinary birds.

If you like animals, I suggest checking out the Saluki Center at Abu Dhabi. Here, you will find the Arabian puppies and find out more about the way they are a part of this culture. Bedouins, the indigenous people of the desert, used dogs for hunting and as companies for more than 5,000 decades.



To have a fantastic idea of exactly what Abu Dhabi looked like prior to the oil boom visit Heritage Village. You’ll find local crafts, historically styled buildings, and even detect Islamic customs set at a reconstructed desert village. You will find monthly cultural festivals which happen, so make certain to have a look at the site, so you don’t overlook.


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To acquire a fantastic view of the way Abu Dhabi looks now, visit the Etihad Towers Observation deck. You can have the best view at Quest restaurant around the 63rd floor.



The Mangroves are a welcome oasis amongst the skyscrapers and bare desert nearby. Place right in the center of the modern city is a historical ecosystem where it is possible to go biking or paddleboarding to find a character.


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The groves pay 72 km (about 45 kilometers) of shoreline from the UAE. If you paddle out, you will find a surprising quantity of wildlife and also a little bit of peace in a crowded town. You may spend anywhere from 2-6 hours in the region, based upon your activity level.



Emirates Palace is ranked as one of the greatest things to do in Abu Dhabi. The Emirates Palace Hotel price $3 billion dollars to construct, among the priciest hotels ever assembled and is a mixture of Islamic structures and world-class comforts. Participate in a 24-carat gold java or, as I did, walk around the grounds and enjoy the gorgeous marble and golden accents. You may also comprehend the hotel from the Fast and Furious seven movies.

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The display is an intriguing look at his lifetime, some of his pursuits, and some of the adjustments he made to make the UAE. The display is free of charge, and you may also have a tour with a guide who’ll share more about him along with the display itself. The monument of Sheikh Zayed is fairly incredible; it is a floating constellation of the face made from 1300 plus man-made contours. There is a brief video within the memorial sharing more on how it was assembled.

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The shores in Abu Dhabi are amazingly beautiful. Some are personal and obtained through your hotel. However, there are some public beaches. Yas Island has some beautiful beaches where you can lounge in sunlight. Take note some of the people shores charge a commission (about 50-100 AED).

There aren’t just beaches on Yas Island. Be certain that you research and find a couple of other attractions, like the planet’s fastest rollercoaster, as well as the world’s greatest roller coaster loop in Ferrari World. Obviously, you may also find Ferrari motivated rides and activities for any age.


Of course, you might also visit Yas Water world for over 40 rides, attractions, and enjoyable for the entire family.



This beautiful beachfront promenade is a perfect spot to catch a bite to eat, go shopping, or capture the sunset. Wander along the shore of the Dhow Harbor or rent a bicycle to explore all the region and find a view of Anu Dhabi’s impressive skyline. Corniche shore is right near, and you’re going to cover 10 AED (about $3).

In case you’re searching for more pristine shores, check out Saadiyat Island.




From here, it’s simple to go in an epic jungle through town.


Obviously, you may also visit Dubai from Abu Dhabi. It is only a brief drive, about one hour and 15 minutes, to research more of the UAE. I discovered it to have a fantastic culture and a relaxing vibe.


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