Top 3 Dubai Museums

Top 3 Dubai Museums

Top 3 Dubai Museums

Private Salsali Museum

Salsali (SPM) is the first UAE private museum of contemporary art in the Middle East and the world. Founded by Ramin Salsali in November 2011, SPM is located in Dubai’s Al Quoz Industrial Zone. The museum is a unique complex with the highest concentration of galleries and creative space in the region. SPM is an independent center for collectors and, providing the necessary resources, constitutes a powerful international platform for the creative talents of the area.

Private Salsali MuseumThe Salsali collection consists of more than 500 works of authorship, including contemporary artists from the Middle East – such as Sarah Rahbar, Amir Hussein Zanjani, Pantea Rahmani, Ala Deighan, Anahita Razmi, Farzan Sajajdi, Ayman Baalkadi, Mona Hatum, Shirin Neshat, Halim Al-Karim, Kambiz Sabri and many others. There are also creations of contemporary international artists – such as Arman, Nicky de Saint-Fall, Jonathan Mies, Daniel Sperry, Andre Butzer, Erwin Olaf, Meret Oppenheim, Daniel Richter, and Catherine Bernard and others.

The museum displays paintings, photographs, video art, sculptures, and installations. Also, based on SPM, meetings of collectors are held.

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Dubai National Museum

National Museum is the leading emirate of Dubai. It is located in the ancient fort of Al Fahidi. Since 1970, the museum was located here, after restoration. In different historical periods, it was the residence of the fortress, emirs, a prison, and a barracks.

After a significant rebuilding of the fortress due to subsidence of the ground (1987 – 1995), an underground gallery-exposition was opened. At the gate of the fort, tourists are greeted by old ship cannons. In the courtyard, there are fishing boats – dhow and Shasha (hollowed out of a palm tree), barrels for freshwater, and English cannons. The exhibits feature the Bedouin house, ancient weapons, jewelry, and musical instruments.

The main exposition is located in the dungeon. Here you can watch a short film about the history of Dubai, see the panorama “Desert at Night,” go to school at a mosque, find out how wealthy merchants lived, how artisans worked and Bedouins wandered.

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Dubai Historical Museum

The Wax Museum is located in the 18th century Al Fahidi Fortress. This fort, named after the ruler, once protected the inhabitants of the coast during the wars and was the residence of the emirs. Today, the fortress is the oldest building in Dubai.

Wax figures dressed up in national clothes, in the expositions, reproduce paintings from different historical periods. Right at the entrance, you can see porters carrying bags from the ship, and sailors are resting next to them in the coffee shop after traveling. Here are the scales near which there are two pearl dealers: one of them buys goods directly from divers for pearls, the other buys products from him in bulk and resells to foreign merchants.



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