Conquer the Desert with the Ultimate Dubai Desert Safari Guide

Desert safari ultimate guide

Conquer the Desert with the Ultimate Dubai Desert Safari Guide

Modern Dubai is looked upon as a city with skyscrapers along the Persian Gulf, but what truly holds the heart and soul of this city is the desert. The high dunes of the Arabian Desert are a pleasure to enjoy with your friends and family.

If you happen to travel to Dubai, you’ll realize that these people hold their culture and traditions close to their hearts. This the reason many cultural preservations have used for amusement for tourists. 

A typical desert safari will let you enjoy some of the traditional activities that include; the excellent camel ride, falconry, henna painting session, sheesha smoking, and BBQ buffet. Some of the adventurous activities that you can enjoy here are dune bashing, quad biking, buggy riding, hot air balloon, and much more.

To help you enjoy your desert safari experience to the fullest, here is a complete desert safari guide for you;

Desert Safari Guide

Your desert safari starts right from your area of residence. A safari licensed professional picks you up in a 4X4 and escorts you to straight to the destination. There are two places where the majority of the tour operators drive you. One is the Lahbab desert, and is the second one is the Dubai Conservation Reserve.

Your experience of desert safari starts with the thrilling ride of Dune Bashing. Imagine going on a trip in 4X4 Hummer, Land Cruiser, or even a Range Rover. Dubai evening desert safari sounds crazy.

In this session of dune bashing, you mount over the towering red dunes in high-speed. The drivers accompanying on this journey are equipped with first aid kit and have trained for this driving. They are well-experienced, which makes it a completely safe ride to enjoy.

Sand Boarding and Camel Riding

A unique sport that only takes place in the high dunes of Lahbab desert is sandboarding. It is somewhat similar to snowboarding. Kids usually enjoy this sport with their friends, but the one thing that they enjoy the most is the excellent camel ride.

Camels have been a part of Arab lives for a long time. They value these animals highly. The tourists can enjoy the bumpy ride of camel in the high dunes of the desert. Falcon hunting is another aspect of this adventure that is astonishing. View the majestic national bird of UAE hunting its prey.

As the sun starts falling down the blended sand line, you head to the campsite where initially you are served with traditional Arabic tea along with fresh fruits. While you sit back and relax, a 3-course buffet dinner w prepared.

Beyond the skyscrapers and the thousand sparkling lights, beyond the crowd, the pomp, and excesses, Dubai is nothing but an infinite horizon of golden sand, which extends beyond the confines of the imagination as far as the eye can see.

An excursion in the desert in Dubai is a magical experience, to be experienced with the adrenaline rush, not to give up that bit of adventure that will make the trip unforgettable.

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Dubai desert excursion: adrenaline and adventure in the dunes

Before you can enter the dunes of Lahbab Desert, you need to choose the company you want to rely on, with the assurance that it is a serious and professional group, with prepared and available drivers and guides.

I chose camel to ride Dubai, which offers a long series of packages with activities of your choice, in groups or expensive ones, to experience the desert as you wish.

Starting from the center of Dubai, it takes about an hour by car to reach the venue from which the roaring adventures on buggies and quads begin, to discover unique, pristine landscapes, always escorted by a staff member.

Helmet firmly in place, engines on and off: jolting on the sand, I go through the vast dunes of the desert, so twisted and perfect that they seem almost painted with a brush.

I leave my fingerprints on their untouched and inviolate profiles, molded only by the warm wind of Arabia. I sit and stop to listen to the silence, and enveloping that only those who have lived the desert know and recognize. The air is warm, but a very light breeze blows, which slightly raises the grains from the ground creating a sort of cloud of magic dust, which embraces feet and ankles as it advances.

Just enough time to take some lovely photos that it’s time to get back on the road, conquering miles and horizons, new dunes and spaces, apparently all the same and yet always so different and unique.

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Ride Camel in Dubai

As in a labyrinth without walls, in the desert, you learn to appreciate solitude and small things, marveling like children of that dromedary encountered by chance, even if you have seen dozens of them elsewhere.

Here, as the sunset gets closer and closer, you can devote yourself to various activities, juggling with sandboarding – for the more adventurous – or participating in camel riding Dubai– shaped feature.

Leaning in the saddle of a dromedary, I let myself lulled by that silent melody, which doesn’t feel but that resounds in mind, step by step, of the dune in the dune.

Relax escorted entirely by your new four-legged friend, enjoying every moment of that experience that can always excite you, even though it is no longer the first time.

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The desert in Dubai is a lifestyle, a culture, made up of typical aromas and foods, customs and traditions, and so, in the evocative setting of an intense golden hour. A man in white dress performs in the incredible art of falconry, accompanying with skill the elegant flight of the bird of prey, always ready to go back perched on its arm.

And as the sun slowly goes down, giving me yet another breathtaking spectacle, temperatures drop sharply, and the sky becomes darker and more impenetrable as if to remember, even to the most unprepared tourist, that the desert is so, capable of living and be respected even without saying a word.

This 3-course buffet dinner follows by belly dance performances by the local performers along with Tanura entertainment. The BBQ buffet comprises of vegetarian and non-vegetarian food items. Enjoying this magnificent dinner in the open desert is what you need to make the most of your desert safari.



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